13 Dog or Cat Related Superstitions This Friday the 13th

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We have all heard at least one superstition involving dogs or cats at one time or another. Do you believe in superstitions or do you walk under that ladder without a second thought?

If you cant think of any dog or cat superstitions today is your LUCKY day. In honor of today March Friday the 13th I have listed 13 dog or cat related superstitions.

  1. Many folks believe that a black dog is a true sign of good luck so if you see a black dog don’t waist that LUCK go play some BlackJack or head to the Bingo Palace
  2. If an ambulance crosses your path it’s bad luck unless you hold your breath until a brown or black dog crosses your path and changes that bad luck into good luck.
  3. When a silent night is broken by the howling of a dog it’s said to be an omen of death
  4. If a dog howls an odd number of howls, 1, 3, 5 it signifies the death of a person nearby.
  5. If a dog howls for times while under a porch it is said to be a sign of death
  6. If you see and hear a dog at a crossroads howl it is believed that Hecate the goddess is close which is usually a bad thing.
  7. When a dog howls under or outside a window of someone who is not well its believed that person will pass on, especially if they return after being driven away.
  8. You are said to be in the presence of unseen spirits if a dog howls for no reason.
  9. Spotted dogs especially Dalmations, are considered good luck in most cultures.
  10. When a black cat crosses your path you should count to 13 as you walk backward in a circle to reverse the bad luck.
  11. When you move into a new home your cat won’t run away if you bring it through the window instead of a door.
  12. If you are being followed consistently by a black dog your future will have some bad luck.
  13. If a dog walks between a couple it is believed that the couple will soon be having an argument or quarrel.

Some people are directed by their superstitions and others believe that believing superstitions cause your mind to make the good or bad come true almost as if you will it to happen.

I don’t think I’m very superstitious usually, sometimes though circumstances surrounding things can make a person wonder if maybe there is something to them.

Was this Friday the 13th any different than any other Friday for you?

What about you guys? In honor of Friday the 13th please share with us where your at with believing in superstitions or if you have a story backing up a superstition we would love to hear about it in the comment section below.


6 thoughts on “13 Dog or Cat Related Superstitions This Friday the 13th

  1. I don’t really believe in these superstitions, including the one about Friday the 13th, but I enjoyed reading the different ideas people have about bad luck etc involving animals. I have heard someone say on the radio that dogs are more sensitive at seeing spirits than most people are, but there are so many strange things on this radio program, “Coast to Coast” that it’s hard to know what to believe.

    There is a Disney cartoon, “The Rescuers” where one of the main characters, a mouse named Bernard is afraid of the number 13.

    1. Bryce, I’.m really not into superstitions either, I just thought it was a fun article for a superstitious date. I have known about the dogs seeing spirits for quite a while and I’m not sure if I do or don’t believe that one myself. Superstitious or not though the theories behind them are interesting enough.

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts on the matter

      Best Wishes
      Lisa Waa-Adame

  2. This is really an interesting blog post on the 13 dog-related superstitions, and these are all new to me but I find them interesting to read and know. I have never been superstitious and a good thing since yesterday was Friday the 13th, so are you superstitious?


    1. Hi Jeff.
      I’m not really very superstitious, to be honest, I just thought it would be fun to talk about some dog superstitions on Friday the 13th a superstitious day. I actually learned about some that I had never heard before either so it was kind of interesting doing the research for this post.
      Thank you for letting me know your thoughts on the subject.
      best wishes
      Lisa Waa-Adame

  3. These are all very interesting perspectives on superstitions, I’m not sure that I am entirely convinced on them but appreciate the forethought. Great list of dog related superstitions, interesting indeed!

    1. Hello Will,
      I am not sure there is anything to any superstitions either but a lot of people do just like Friday the 13th being bad luck but I just thought it would be fun to list superstitions about dogs in honor of it being a superstitious day.
      Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to comment
      Lisa Waa-Adame

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