45 Facts about All Dogs You Didn’t Know

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I love dogs, all dogs they are pretty great if you ask me. Dogs are such wonderful companions, loving us unconditionally. The more I learn new facts about all dogs the more I love about them.

Even after all the years humans have had dog by our side, we are still learning new things about them today.

I have gathered some true facts about all dogs, some of these facts I was aware of and some facts I have learned of recently. So take a couple minutes and find out some new facts about all dogs that you probably didn’t know about.

Below is a list of facts about all dogs, fun facts, serious facts, some smart facts and even some dumb facts about all dogs.

List of Facts About All Dogs

  1. A dog’s normal temperature is anywhere from 101-102.5 F compared to 97.6-99.6 for humans. If your dog’s temperature is above 104 F or below 99 F, you should definitely take your dog to the veterinarian.
  2. Dogs can be trained to sniff out cancer and diabetes.
  3. Puppies are deaf, blind, and toothless when born.
  4. A dogs sense of smell is ten times stronger than humans
  5. Labradors have been in the top 10 most popular breeds for 25 years, longer than any other breed
  6. A dogs nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint
  7. They say that the longer the face of your dog the longer they will live.
  8. Dogs aren’t colorblind they see two colors, they are blue and yellow.
  9. Dalmatians are born white, the spots develop as the puppy grows.
  10. All dogs dream but puppies and seniors dream more than adult dogs.
  11. Dogs that exercise more dream less.
  12. A Beagler is a person that hunts with a Beagle
  13. The famous Rin Tin Tin was nominated for an Acadamy Award.
  14. All dogs are direct descendants of wolves.
  15. Dogs curl up in a ball to stay warm and to protect vital organs.
  16. The USA has more than twice the dog population of any other country with 75.8 million dogs.
  17. Over 42.5 million families have one or more dogs in the USA.
  18. Canada’s pet dog population is estimated to be over 6 million.
  19. Globally there is an estimated 900 million dogs and 75-85% are free-range.
  20. Dogs can learn a vocabulary of over a thousand words
  21. A dog’s whiskers are used as sensors to guide them in the dark.
  22. There were 12 dogs on the Titanic and 3 of them survived.
  23. Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot just like human babies.
  24. Obesity is the number 1 health issue for dogs.
  25. Dogs can be taught to count and to solve simple math problems.
  26. The helicopter tail wag is a sign of a very happy dog.
  27. Puppies can sleep 18-20 hours a day during rapid growth periods.
  28. The Greyhound is the fastest dog breed able to run up to 44 mph.
  29. Perky eared dogs hear sounds better than floppy-eared dogs.
  30. In general smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs.
  31. More than half the United States Presidents have owned dogs.
  32. Dogs do have a sense of time so they really do miss you when you are gone.
  33. Spiked collars were used to protect the dog’s neck in ancient Greece from the wolves.
  34. Dogs’ noses are wet to help them smell better, the moisture absorbs the scent chemicals.
  35. A Bloodhounds nose is accurate enough to be used as evidence in court.
  36. 30% of Dalmatians can only hear from one ear and 5% are deaf. The larger the black patches the less likely they will be deaf.
  37. Dogs do sweat but only through their paw pads.
  38. Newfoundlands have webbed feet and waterproof coats making them great lifeguards.
  39. Your dog really does feel jealous when he has to share your attention.
  40. The average city dog lives 3 years longer than a country dog.
  41. 15 people die every year from dog bites.
  42. An estimated 1,000,000 dogs in the U.S.A. have been named as their owner’s beneficiaries in the will.
  43. 70% of dog owners sign their pets names in holiday cards.
  44. 58% of dog owners include their dogs in holiday portraits.
  45. Dogs and cats both slurp water the same way.

Well there you have it,  45 facts about all dogs you didn’t know.

14 thoughts on “45 Facts about All Dogs You Didn’t Know

  1. lol I knew a good majority of these already but there were definitely some that blew my mind, like the fact dogs can see blue & yellow…how was that discovered?

    Also #36 30% of Dalmatians can only hear from one ear and 5% are deaf. The larger the black patches the less likely they will be deaf. (I knew the 1st part of that but not the last, I wonder how the size of the black spot correlate with hearing?

    I’ve always been a dog lover, and my dream has always been to have a male Golden Retriever named Jake 🙂 (I’ve spent a large majority of my life living in apartments where dogs weren’t allowed…) We moved to a small house that allowed dogs at one point and got 2 sisters [Lady & Mystique] Lady looked like a full blooded Beagle and Mystique looked like a full blooded miniature version of a Black Lab and they were actual sisters..lol, but the electric bill got too high and we had to move back into an apartment where once again dogs weren’t allowed >_<

    No we live in a house (well it's a double wide mobile home but we can have dogs) My moms boyfriend lives with us and he has a Beagle outside (I don't trust leaving a dog outside), and we have a cat, named Tiger who we're afraid would fight with (or get hurt by) a puppy~

    Maybe someday…

    1. Hello Kristina, Thank you for taking the time to comment on 45 Facts About all Dogs You Didn’t Know.

      Honestly, I didn’t know about Dalmations and their hearing either, I thought it was strange too so I looked into it a little more to find out if this was true.

      What I found was that breeding Dalmations with the spotted coats rather than the big patches can lead to a lack of mature melanocytes in the inner ear and without these mature melanin-producing cells, dogs can become hard of hearing.

      I also found that they aren’t sure why but Dalmations with blue eyes have a higher chance of being deaf too.

      I’m glad you were able to learn a couple of new things from our list. It’s too bad you haven’t been able to have a dog much, I hope you are able to one day soon. there are so many benefits to owning a dog.

  2. Thank you for all this info!
    There where some things very interesting that will help me understand better our friend.
    It was curious to see that the first issue for dogs is obesity.
    Looking forward to reading your next article.

    1. Andy, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I’m glad you were able to learn some new things about all dogs.
      I hope you do come back for more information sometime.

      Best Wishes

  3. Hello! Thank you for sharing such an informative article. I like your post because you help me so much. My wife wants to buy the dogs and asks me to learn anything about that. Importantly, I don’t have a dog before so I know nothing about that. It saves me a ton of time to search and learn about that.

    Fortunately, I landed your post. You list down 45 facts in a good organization. I can read and learn faster. I don’t need to spend more time to search it separately online.

    I believe my wife should be interested in your post too because she’s a dog lover. I believe it can save her a lot of time and I will also share this post with my friends.

    I will bookmark your site and read it regularly. I hope you can keep sharing with us because what you write saves me.

    1. Hello CT, I’m glad you like my post and that it was helpful for you. At aboutalldogs.com/ The family pack is here to help make it easier for any new puppy parents by giving you tips that come from over 40 years of closely working with dogs.

      Hope to see you back again

      Lisa Waa

  4. I did learn quite a lot of new things reading your article about all dogs, I have been a dog owner since a little boy and now in my 60’s and you have shared many new things I didn’t know before.

    Thank You

    1. Thank you Jeff, I grew up having dogs all of my life too, I couldn’t imagine a life without my fur babies.
      I learn from them still, 42 years of having them by my side and they still teach me things today.

      Best Wishes
      Lisa Waa

  5. Informative and to the point. Love it. By reading your post I really get to miss my family’s recently deceased golden retriever. Luckily, it’s just happy memories! 🙂

    1. Hello Jonas, I’m sorry for you and your family’s recent loss of your Golden Retriever, we recently lost our Chihuahua as well, they are such a big part of our lives it is hard.

      I’m glad you found 45 facts about all dogs you didn’t know informative, Thank you for taking the time to comment on it.

      Best Wishes
      Lisa Waa

  6. Hey, thank you for this interesting post! I own a Collie and I didnt know every point you mentioned…Quite interesting. Especially point number 6 about a dogs nose printt is fascinating. Moreover, I like point 22, must have been three tough dogs…
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Nick
      Thank you for reading 45 facts about all dogs you didn’t know and I’m glad you found it interesting, it’s always fun to learn new things about all dogs.
      My cousins always had a Collie growing up and they are such good dogs and very smart.

      Best Wishes
      Lisa Waa

    1. Hello Lori, It’s always a good day if we are able to learn something new isn’t it. I hope you come back to aboutalldogs.com again.
      Thank you for taking the time to check us out and tell us about it

      Best Wishes
      Lisa Waa-Adame

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