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Good Afternoon My Friends and puppy parents and pals out there. Hope everyone’s summer was full of dog parks, clean lakes, and shaded afternoons.


husky selfie
Sheba Ann,Fattysboy, and me

Hello My Friends, My name is Lisa Waa-Adame. I was born and raised 7 miles North of West Fargo ND just before a small town called Hardwood ND, with my parents and family all around.

I now live in Washington state with my husband and our three dogs.

I am a wife, step-mom, grandma, tia(aunt), dog mom, sister, and niece who is a research junkie, an animal lover, Crafty lady, and a stop and smell the flowers, we planted, kind of person.

Although I have helped raise a lot of children, I have never been blessed with children of my own, making my fur babies a HUGE part of my life. I have learned so so much about all dogs and their behavior


The reason for starting Aboutalldogs.com is simple, my dogs have always been a big part of my life, I have learned so much about all of them that it just makes sense to share the hands-on knowledge that I have because life and all things living are rarely textbook.

Since before I could walk or talk there have always been dogs in my life from Huskies and Labs to Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Cocker Spaniels, each and every one of them with there own personalities and characteristics to know and love.




We will have the best dog photos, dog videos, dog stories, and dog advice for all dog lovers both pure and mixed breeds. We look forward to helping anyone who is looking for advice and tips on how to be the best Human your dog could ask for.

If you ever a question for me, a comment, or even some pointers or advice of your own to share,   you are more than welcome to email me or feel free to leave comments below any article.

All the best,

Lisa Waa-Adame



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