How To House Train Puppy

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One of the most asked questions “How to house train puppy”  isn’t really as big a mystery as some believe. Puppies and dogs have been getting housetrained ever since domesticated, some 20 maybe even 40,000 years ago. The end goal then the same as it is today. house train puppy

Some people believe there are different methods of how to house train puppy, and maybe there are different methods but I have always only known one method to be tried and true without fail. It’s the same one my grandpa taught my dad and he taught his kids, it’s the method I have been using without fail for 35 years.

No worries, the house training method we are going to discuss today doesn’t require anything like rubbing puppy’s face in anything, beating, screaming at, or intimidating by any means.

If you consistently follow the guidelines that we are going to discuss today your puppy will be successfully house trained within a very short time with your home still smelling and looking as it did before puppy moved in.



I personally am not a fan of using potty pads when potty training puppy however if your puppy is under 6 months old his/her blatter isn’t able to hold it any longer than 3 or 4 hours so if you have to be gone for any longer than 3 hours the use of potty pads will be needed but only if you are away longer than a few hours never when you are home and able to let puppy outside.

If you rely on potty pads all of the time even when you are able to take puppy out chances are you will have to train puppy to go from pads to outside doubling your work.


Paper training to me doesn’t make sense at all if you are around and able to get puppy outside on a schedule. If you are unable to get puppy out on schedule then you should definitely use potty pads.

Picture this, you are relaxing in your favorite chair or spot reading the paper or magazine you fall asleep and the paper falls to the floor, ok now picture puppy has to go potty and going to find his paper but before he gets to his paper he sees the paper you just dropped, you just set yourself and puppy up, he is going to use your paper, you can’t blame him you taught him to use paper.

What if it’s your child’s homework or a report for work you took home to work on that he goes potty on. You may know the difference but I promise you, your puppy will not. If you were thinking about paper training, for your sake and your puppy please reconsider this method is not how to house train puppy.

First things first

When you get home with your puppy for the very first time, before taking him inside you will want to take your puppy to the area that you would like him to go to relieve himself. Usually, the puppy will go potty within a couple of minutes if that, either way, make sure you don’t go inside until the puppy goes potty.Siberian retriever puppies outside

When he does go potty praise him, you can even start telling him good boy as he is going. When he is done going potty make a big exciting deal about it, pet him, play with him, anything that makes him feel good and a lot of it.

There are a couple of reasons for doing this before taking him in the home

  • this will get things started on a positive note
  • puppies like to use the same area to go potty in every time
  • praising him is to assure him he is doing what he should be doing

Welcome Home

We have all heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, the same goes for your puppy. All puppies are curious and want to explore.

Make sure you know what areas he is safe in and close doors and block off areas he shouldn’t be in alone.

Now that puppy has been introduced to his yard and potty area it’s time to take him inside. Until how to house train puppy is mastered you will want to keep the puppy in eyesight at all times so that you can monitor his behavior to learn signs of having to go potty.

The best way to avoid puppy wandering off to satisfy his curiosity is to let him wander around the house as soon as he gets there with you supervising closely behind, of course, this way he knows what’s behind the door or around the corner.

Avoid Accidents

Knowing how to house train puppy the way we are talking about here if done consistently will eliminate having to clean up after an accident and as a result, everyone is happy.

If you want to avoid accidents while in the training process then follow a few guidelines consistently and you won’t have many if any at all.

For this to work efficiently puppy has to be taken outside every time no exceptions when:

  • right away when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap
  • right after he eats or drinks anything
  • any time he has been laying around and gets up to wander
  • he stops in the middle of playing to wander off
  • he starts to frantically sniff
  • he starts pacing or circling
  • before going to bed for the night
  • every 2 hours at most

It may seem like a lot but your puppy has a small bladder and really does have to go potty that much and if you are consistent it is a lot less work than it could be.

Things You Should Know

Many experts have stated that a puppy doesn’t have control of his little bladder until they are between 12-16 weeks old and that’s when you should start house training a puppy.

Although they may not be able to hold it, it is never to soon to start with this method. This is how to house train puppy, just because they aren’t able to hold it doesn’t mean they aren’t smart enough to learn and they will, so by the time they reach 12-16 weeks and are able to hold it they will.

If your puppy does for some reason go potty in the house and you see him do not wait for him to finish you will get better results if you get him while he is going potty and take him out right then telling him ” outside” “potty” or whatever command you choose for going potty the whole way out the door.

Don’t spank hit, or use any type of negative reinforcement when training the results are much better with positive reinforcement. Just patiently show your new puppy what you want him to do and when he does it reward him with praise for doing what you want.



If or when you aren’t able to watch over puppy for any reason he should be in a closed-off area or a crate to be sure he isn’t able to potty in the house.

If crate trained correctly your dog will actually like the crate and go to and use it almost like a bedroom, if left open they will retreat to it on their own when they want space.

If your puppy is under 6 months they can’t wait any more than 4 hours before having to go potty no matter how trained puppy is, after 6-months puppies are able to wait 6-8 hours without going outside.

If your puppy is under 6 months old and has to be left for more than a couple hours the crate is a bad idea because they will have to go and when you get home you will have to bathe puppy and clean crate and everything inside.

When leaving a puppy under 6 months for more than 4 hours a blocked off area that is safe for puppy to be restricted to with potty pads for them to use is much cleaner than the crate.

4 hours or less and puppy will be fine being left in the crate.

Please be patient with your new puppy and remember he is only a couple of months old and almost everything is a brand new experience for him, there is no way for him to know what he does is right or wrong if you don’t teach him.


Consistency consistency it can not be stressed enough, if you want him potty trained in a timely fashion consistency and positive reinforcement are key and if you are consistent and do use positive reinforcement you will never have to ask again “how to house train puppy”, instead when you hear the question “how to house train puppy”, you will be able to confidently pass on this tried and true method.

This method works with dogs of any age, the results will always end in a house trained dog and a happy home.

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