How To Stop Puppy From Biting Me- Almost Instantly

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Imagine the worst paper cut you have ever had, do you remember how painful it was? Now can you imagine 12 pieces of paper chasing you and slicing your skin again and again?

That’s the only way to describe the feeling of razor-like puppy teeth slicing your skin as a puppy bites, even if the puppy is only playing.

At this very moment, we have twelve of the cutest little monsters that love biting and they want to try biting everything, they aren’t picky by any means as far as what they will bite.

I do think I may be their favorite chew toy though. To be honest I only know how to stop puppy from biting me almost instantly with one method.

The method we use my dad taught me when I was around 6 years old it doesn’t hurt the puppy at all and they figure out exactly what you want them to stop doing in a matter of minutes every time.

What To Do:

It is actually quite simple when you are playing with your puppy or even if he just comes up and bites you wanting your attention no matter the reason this will work.

Without making a big fuss as he bites simply press your thumb on the inside of his bottom jaw wrap the rest of your fingers around the outside of his bottom jaw and simply tell him in a bit of a firm voice No Bites.

As soon as you have finished saying No Bites or whatever words you choose to use and he stops trying to bite down you let go telling them good boy or girl and continue with the playing.

As soon as he tries to bite again you do the exact same thing.

Will It Hurt:

NO, it absolutely will not hurt your puppy or you. There is absolutely no reason at all this should be done to the point that it will hurt your puppy or you.

If your puppy decides to try biting harder on the next try just use a little more pressure than was used the time before and he will get what you mean.

How Does It Work:

How it works is also very simple, the reason this works is if you hold the bottom part of a puppy or dog’s jaw they are unable to bite down.

Not being able to bite down will not hurt them at all because it doesn’t take much pressure. They will however not like the fact that they have no control and cant bite down for that second you have their jaw.

They quickly figure out that the only way to stop you from taking control of their bite is to stop biting you.

How Long Does It Take:

It only takes a second or two for the whole process from the time they bite to the time you let go and continue playing.

Just follow these simple steps

  1. The instant you feel a bite firmly tell them no bites
  2. As puppy tries biting place ur thumb on bottom part of his jaw with just a little pressure
  3. wrap your fingers under the outside of the jaw
  4. firmly tell them no bites again until they stop trying
  5. wait for them to stop trying to bite down
  6. let go of their jaw
  7. continue playing
  8. If they don’t try to bite right away again good girl or boy

Of course they will try at least a couple more times and you will do the same steps each time but they will get it in just a matter of minutes.

Chances are they will try it again the next time you play and when they do you repeat the same exact steps. It will only take two maybe three seperate times before they will know not to bite you.

When it’s all said and done you might spend a total of 15 min all together to train them to quit biting you.

Will It Stop Biting Other Things:

Can the same method be used to stop puppy from biting or chewing on other things puppy shouldn’t chew on?

Yes, this method can be used to stop puppy from chewing on or biting whatever you don’t want them chewing on. If you arent playing with the puppy at the time or if they are chewing or biting something you don’t want them to bite just go through the same process and give them a chew toy instead.

Chew Toys:

I know that technically chew toys are toys but that is a misconception because toys are not considered a necessity but trust me when I say you definitely need chew toys to raise a puppy.

I definitely suggest having a variety of chew toys with different textures and sizes that way when they are chewing on something they shouldn’t be like a shoe or a chord you can replace it with the chew toy that best resembles its feel.



Final Thoughts:

Letting your puppy continue to bite you even if it’s just when you are playing can end up turning into an uncontrollable problem so you will want to put an end to this bad habbit before it is a problem.

The method we have discussed here is the only way I know how to stop puppy from biting me because it has always worked no matter the breed or age of the dog I have used it with.

How do you stop your puppy from biting you? If you know of another method I would love to know how you go about making them stop biting.

Please share your method to stop puppy from biting in the comments below there must be other ways that I’m not aware of and if there is an easier way that you know of I would love to learn it.

Please remember that your puppy isn’t biting you to intentionally hurt you and doesn’t know better because he hasn’t been taught yet so be patient and never be angry when teaching puppy anything.

Using fear to teach your puppy is never good for your puppy and will likely cause them to live in a fearful state instead of being a happy puppy and how you treat your puppy will determine the type of adult dog he/she will be.


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