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Hello, My Friends and Fellow Dog Lovers. So you just got your first new puppy home and no idea what to name him? No worries, we can help you and your new pal.

We even have over 280 male puppy name ideas below to help you out.


Although naming your puppy is very important, as long as he gets a name within a couple of weeks, no worries he will be just fine.

Take a couple of days, get to know your new pal and let him get to know you. Your puppy has a whole personality for you to get to know and once you do, he will practically name himself for you.


Unless you plan on registering your new dog pal with the American Kennel Club,{AKC} then no there are no set rules for naming your dog.

Experts do however suggest a few guidelines that you can follow, to make it easier on you and your pal.

  • SIMPLE-when choosing your male puppies name, it is recommended that you keep it under two syllables. This will ensure that most everyone including small children will be able to pronounce his name. It also makes it easier for all including your pup, to learn and remember.

  • AVOID-You should avoid any name that sounds similar to commands you use for your dog, for example, Sleigh and stay If the name sounds too much like a command your pup may get confused. At the same time if you have your heart set on Sleigh you may consider using a different word altogether to command your pup to stay.

  • REFLECTION Try to remember that your pups name not only reflects on him but it can also reflect your character and personality as his owner.


There are so many directions to turn for some inspiration for finding the perfect male puppy name for your pal.

One of my dogs is named Dolly simply because my mom used to call me ” My little Dolly “, my Dolly is more like “Dolly the Destroyer”, it’s still the perfect name for her though.

My brother-in-law got his puppy from a friend whose name is John, earning his pal the name Johnson.

Our Chihuahua has always been quite the spunky little guy earning him the name Scrappy-Doo after the famous Scooby-Doo’s nephew.

Growing up we had a pair of black labs that my brother named Heckle and Jeckle in honor of the cartoon’s pair of crows Heckle and Jeckle

Like I mentioned earlier you can look for inspiration in any direction, a favorite show, movie, color, car, anything you like.


Naming your new pal should be fun, if you are stumped get to know each other, he will help you find the perfect male puppy name.

Remember he is yours to name and the tips we have given you here are just some pointers to help make naming him easier on both of you.

In the end, the name you decide on is completely up to you, remember you will be using his name and calling for him aloud for many years to come.


If you are still at a loss for the perfect male puppy name, below we have gathered a list of over 250 unique, fun, strong, and popular male puppy names A-Z, for you to choose from or maybe one of them will inspire the perfect name.

If you are having problems with house training your new pup, check out our post on how to house train puppy  Happy Naming My Friends.


1. Ace
2.  A.J.
3. Alaska

German Short Hair puppies
German Short Hair

4. Amadeus
5. Apollo
6. Ash
7. Astro

8. Atlas
9. Augustus
10. Auto
11. Babe
12. Balto
13. Bandit
14. Barkley
15. Barley
16. Barneby
17. Barney
18. Baxter
19. Baxter
20. Beats

21. Bear
22. Beau
23. Beethoven
24. Benjie
25. Bently
26. Bernie
27. Biggie
28. Bingo
29. Blacky
30. Blizzard
31. Blue
32. Bondseye
33. Bones
34. Boomer
35. Bracket
36. Brinkly
37. Bruiser
38. Brutis
39. Bud
40. Buddy
41. Bugsy
42. Bullet
43. Buster
44. Cash
45. Cash
46. Casper
47. Chance
48. Charger
49. Chase
50. Chester
51. Chevy
52. Chewbacca
53. Chico
54. Chief
55. Chip
56. Chopper
57. Chulo
58. Churchill
59. Clifford
60. CoCo
61. Comet
62. Cooper
63. Copper
64. Curly
65. D.O.G.
66. Dakota
67. Damian
68. Dash
69. Demon
70. Dexter
71. Diablo
72. Diesel
73. Dingo
74. Dogbert
75. Dollar
76. Donny
77. Dreyfus
78. Dufas
79. Dug
80. Duke
81. Einstien
82. Elvis
83. Fang
84. Fatboy
85. Festus
86. Fido
87. Figaro
88. Finn
89. Flash
90. Flinn
91. Forest
92. Fozzy
93. Frosty
94. Geronimo
95. Ghost
96. Gibby
97. Gibson
98. Gizmo
99. Godfry

100. Goliath
101. Granger
102. Gromit
103. Gunner
104. Gus
105. Gypsy
106. Hamlet
107. Happy
108. Harley
109. Harper
110. Hartly
111. Heath
112. Heckle
113. Hemingway
114. Henry
115. Hercules
116. Hooch
117. Huckleberry
118. Hugo
119. Hulk
120. Hunter
121. Indy
122. Ivan
123. Jack
124. Jackson
125. Jake
126. Jameson
127. Jasper
128. Java
129. Jax
130. Jaz
131. Jeckle
132. Jeeter
133. Jenkins
134. Jet
135. Jinx
136. Johnson
137. Junior
138. Jupiter
139. Kacee
140. Keanu
141. Keats
142. Keelo
143. King
144. Kingsly
145. Knight
146. Krypto
147. Lake
148. Lancelot
149. Lego
150. Lennon
151. Lobo
152. Loco
153. Loki
154. Lucifer
155. Lucky
156. Mack
157. Magnet
158. Maverick
159. Max
160. McGruff
161. Meeko
162. Mickey
163. Micro
164. Miles
165. Milo
166. Moose
167. Mozart
168. Muggles
169. Mugsy
170. Murphy
171. Muttly
172. Nanuk

husky mix puppy
Can I help You?

173. Napa
174. Nash
175. Neeko
176. Nitro
177. Nuke
178. Odie
179. Odis
180. Oso
181. Ozzy
182. Paco
183. Painter
184. Patch
185. Peanut
186. PeeWee
187. Pepper
188. Percy
189. Picasso
190. Pickles
191. Pimp
192. Pluto
193. Pongo
194. Porter
195. Presley
196. Prince
197. Puffy
198. Pugsly
199. Racer
200. Ranger

201. Rascal
202. Rawly
203. Razor
204. Reco
205. Reno
206. Rex
207. Ringo
208. Ritz
209. Rocco
210. Rocker
211. Rocket
212. Rocky
213. Romeo
214. Rooster
215. Rosco
216. Rowdy
217. Rubble
218. Ruckus
219. Rufus
220. Rusty
221. Sam
222. Sander
223. Scooby-Doo
224. Scooper
225. Scooter
226. Scout
227. Scrappy-Doo
228. Scruffy
229. Shark
230. Shasta
231. Sherlock
232. Shilo
233. Shorty
234. Simba
235. Skippy
236. Smokey
237. Snare
238. Snickers
239. Sniff
240. Snoopy
241. Snow
242. Sparky
243. Sparticus
244. Spike
245. Spirit
246. Spooky
247. Spot
248. Stark
249. Stoney
250. Taco
251. Tank
252. Teddy

253. Telly
254. Thor
255. Timber
256. Tiny
257. Titus
258. Toby
259. Toto
260. Trouble
261. Tucker
262. Tuffy
263. Tundra
264. Tunnel
265. Turbo
266. Tyrion
267. Vader
268. Wiggles
269. Wilder
270. Willow
271. Winston
272. Winter
273. Wiser
274. Wishbone
275. Wolfy
276. Yoda
277. Yodal
278. Yukon
279. Zeek
280. Zeke
281. Zelda
282. Zeus
283. Ziggy
284. Zippy
285. Zorba


Husky mix new born
2 day old Husky mix puppy



Try to remember your Puppy is barely 2 or 3 months old, everything is brand new to him so have patience and be consistent.

If you have a female to name too check out our post “cute female puppy name list” and check out all of the names for females we have listed.

We also have a post “how to house train puppy” that tells you the tried and true house training method, this method works without fail.

We would love to know what names you all come up with, please leave us a comment below with your pal’s names and what inspired you to use them.

Male puppy names list we missed…….

  • Monster

  • 8ball


4 thoughts on “OVER 285 MALE PUPPY NAME IDEAS

  1. Hi, my name is Haylee, me and my brother got a black and white puppy and when he curled up into a ball his black and white marks made him look like an 8ball so we named him 8ball.

    1. That’s a cute story Haylee, Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m going to check the list and if 8ball isn’t on it I am going to add it for you ok.

  2. In 2015, I was traveling a lot from Fargo ND to the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis MN visiting my brother (Branden Sanger R.I.P.) who was suffering from congestive heart failure. When the kids were with me we would camp, weather permitting of course. We were sitting around the campfire one dark night, after reassuring my city kids that there is nothing to fear in the woods, there are no monsters that are going to come out of the woods and get them, of course, we start to hear some rustling noise in the woods the instant the kids heard the noises they look right at me scared as can be and tell me “mom, you said there were no monsters in there” scared myself now because it was just me and the kids not knowing what to say I start to tell them to go to the car and out comes a puppy cute as can be. When I saw the puppy I told the kids to look at THE BIG BAD MONSTER, from that moment on he was our little Monster.

    1. Chasidy, first Branden will always be in our hearts and minds always missed and never forgotten.

      I was wondering what made you name a cute puppy Monster, I figured he must be a terror to earn that name. After knowing his story it makes his name Monster one of the sweetest names ever.

      I’m not sure if the name Monster s on our male puppies name list, I will check and if not I will certainly add it to the list.

      Thank you for sharing your family and Monster’s story with us.

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