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identify Samson


Hello, My Friends and Fellow Dog Lovers. I ran across this story of a stolen dog that turned into a story about a dog stolen from a man found in a hotel parking lot   found brain dead and even though the circumstances surrounding the situation are more than suspicious the case is closed without any Justice for Jordan and a MISSING PITBULL NAMED SAMSON is in the middle of it all.

Please read Jordan and Samson’s story, even though there will be NO JUSTICE FOR JORDAN maybe we can help bring his Samson back to his mom.


I spent all afternoon reviewing all the information. I read the comments and tried to respond to every one of them. We have more questions than answers now. We may never find all the answers but I will try my best to get some answers and find Samson.

Let me start with Jordan. We never denied that he was a drug user, it was a battle that ultimately placed him in a situation that most likely was part of the cause of his passing.

I never met Jordan but what I have heard about him, he was a good person who got himself in a place where so many people have found themselves in. Some are able to make it out alive but the majority of them do not, sadly he was one of those who was not able to get out before it stole his life.

I will say that it was VERY frustrating to watch his name being treated like he was a second class citizen. I guarantee you that if he was a son of someone “considered important in society,” they would have looked at this with a microscope and left no stone unturned.

*Jordan was declared brain-dead on 8/24 – but they kept him alive so his organs could be donated. He saved 4 lives~

*** I am still waiting for the official word on the cause of his death***

He had asthma, the police stated that he was having a hard time breathing, so it may have been an asthma attack and he was trying to get back in the room for his inhaler (who knows) but he couldn’t get back in the room after realizing that he didn’t have his wallet with him.

The police stated that there were two people in the room, so why didn’t they allow him back in? (He was the one who rented the room.) Then short bit time later, a man is seen on the video walking out with Samson… Something isn’t right.


When I first heard about Samson being taken, all I knew was that the owner was in the hospital on life support and identify Samson

his dog was taken in a vehicle that he had borrowed. My main concern at that moment was to find Samson because I was concerned about his safety. I would’ve never thought it would become a major case with twists.

I was bombarded with information from multiple people, I will share some of the information that I have received and I will also share my insights.


Based on the visible injuries, missing dog, vehicle, and wallet… It was obvious that something had happened to him. Let’s say he was not attacked and that all injuries came from him collapsing and thrashing around, that does not give us the answer as to who took his dog, wallet, and vehicle.


When I first heard about Samson being taken, I asked Korrine if she checked with the motel to see if there was a security camera in the area, she stated that she asked someone about it but he told her that it runs on an hour loop so they would not have any recording from the night it happened.

The police state that they have seen the security footage, I have not seen it personally so I cannot confirm or deny whether there is a video. Korrine asked for a copy and was told that she could not get it at that moment and that she has to wait for the records to be filed. She states that she was also told that she shouldn’t ask Rodeway Inn for a copy.

Korrine stated that the detective described to her what was on the video. This is what she was told:

“Jordan drives the vehicle to the motel, he goes in a room then he comes out and has a “medical issue”, he tries to get back in. He ends up collapsing in the parking lot.

While the paramedics are working on Jordan this guy walks out with Samson on a leash, lights a cigarette, has a backpack gets into the car and drives away.”

So if there is a video:

A man was seen exiting the motel while Jordan was being worked on and it shows him carrying a backpack, lighting up a cigarette and Samson was with him… They get in the Land Rover and leave the scene. So who is this person?!

Samson and Jordan had an extremely close bond, Samson would pull and run to Jordan every time he saw his beloved owner. He was so strong that he would knock Jordan down because he was so excited to see Jordan. Samson is young and hyper, he just cannot control himself when he sees Jordan (and Korrine) because he has so much love for them. When he is on a leash, he wants to be the one that leads you to wherever you guys are going.

What puzzles me is that the police told Korrine that on the video, Samson was walking calmly with the man and got in the Land Rover. He supposedly did not try to go to Jordan or check what was going on… which does not fit what I have heard about Samson. Possibly Samson didn’t see Jordan due to ems personnel around Jordan…


As far as I know, at least two people stated that they saw him being dragged. I heard about it and started asking questions about it. One of them personally messaged me about it. I also received a few messages from people who stated that they heard about it from people who supposedly saw it happen.

So as far as I knew, there were at least two eyewitnesses but they did not want to call Crime Check.stolen land rover /spokne

One of them didn’t have a good experience with the police so the person did not want to get involved.

The second one, wouldn’t tell me why he didn’t want to report it.

One of the eyewitnesses stated that he thought that the dog was going to bust out the window to try to get Jordan…

So I’m not sure what to say or think when it comes to this part of the puzzle.


Based on the photos of Jordan while being hooked up to life support (it was taken two days after he was admitted)

Hand: The top of the hand is red and swollen, there are scrapes on it. It reminded me of a hand that got injured in a fistfight.

Face: His eyes and nose look like they were hit. I was told that there was a 4-inch gash on his chin but I couldn’t see it on the picture due to it being covered.

Upper arm: Scrapes

Second hand: Red mark & scrapes

Legs: Multiple scrapes, one of the lower legs is blue


We found out that the police did not respond to the call. The call was labeled as a medical call so the police weren’t required to show up so there was no police officer on-site at night/early morning.

The hospital contacted the police and requested assistance in identifying the young man that was brought in and it turned out to be Jordan.

Originally we were told that his father filed a report with the police, but when Korrine filed a report she was told that the father never filed a report and that they never got any reports from anyone. We also found out that the owner of the Land Rover never reported it stolen despite them telling people that they reported it stolen.

Why? Maybe they are friends with the guy who took Samson and drove the vehicle off… or maybe they are involved with shit too and want to cover their asses?

Major Crime opened and closed the case within 24-48 hours. They stated that since there was no evidence of assault and that the vehicle wasn’t reported stolen, the case is closed.

So let me get this right:

A man was found on the ground with no ID and is rushed to hospital with multiple visible injuries where he was placed on life support.

The vehicle that was being used by the victim is supposedly seen on a video being driven off the parking lot with his dog in it by the last person to see him alive.

The video supposedly showed the victim walking out the room, having some kind of medical crisis, tries to get back in the room but couldn’t so he walks out of the motel and collapses … then a short bit of time later, a man is seen walking the victim’s dog from the motel to the vehicle…

I would want to know why the man didn’t let the victim back in the room?

Why did he act like he didn’t know that it was Jordan on the ground?


What if someone in the room did something to him just before he stepped out of the room?

What happened to holding people accountable for their part?

So I guess as long you are a druggie or homeless, your life isn’t a priority and you are on the low part of the totem pole.

People disgust me, especially those who think “they are better than thou”. People are so quick to sweep this under the rug. People are so quick to believe the bullshit that we are fed daily.

This really makes me wonder how many deaths have been overlooked due to the area where the body was found and the lifestyle that the victim led.

Right now my biggest concern is finding Samson (it was the main reason for my original post anyway) and for the truth to come out.

Jordan deserves to rest in peace knowing that his beloved dog is back with the person who dearly loved Jordan and Samson.

Please keep your eyes open for Samson.

If you have Samson, please return him to Korrine. She’s the “mom” to Samson. Samson adores her because she also raised him when he stayed with her. As long Samson isn’t returned, the picture of him will remain active and no one will forget him. It’s not worth your time to try to keep him hidden from the public, just let him go home. Korrine’s home was his home when he wasn’t with Jordan.

*** They stated that no one reported the vehicle stolen, however, the owner stated that she did report it missing/stolen. She called it in on August 19th and an spd call was generated but for whatever reason, Korrine was told that there was no report written. We even have the report #. According to the owner, she still doesn’t have her vehicle back and that she considers her vehicle stolen. She wants her vehicle back.


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