The benefits to owning a dog

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Hello, My Friends and Fellow Dog Lovers. Did you know that they now have scientific proof that the benefits to owning a dog include some health and health improvement benefits?

I was curious as to the benefits to owning a dog, so being the research junkie that I am, I decided to do some research and here is what I found.

Healthier Children

dogs and infants health
Scrappy-Doo and Jade-en too

According to the website of the University of Wisconson-Madison/ Department of Pediatrics, infants that are exposed to dogs are less likely to develop allergic diseases.

Department of Pediatrics Professors Robert Lemanske, MD and James Gern, MD led the research study. They evaluated 275 children who had at least one parent with respiratory allergies or asthma.

For a period of three years, the children were watched to see if they had symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis (AD; a type of Eczema) and wheezing and checked for immune responses in their blood.

Scrappy-Doo sleeping on Holly’s pregnant belly

The results for this study being children that had a dog in the home as newborns were much less likely to have AD, 12% versus 27% and wheezing,19% versus 36%, by the time they were three.

Children that got a dog after birth did not seem to have the same health benefits, making it pretty clear that early exposure is the key.

Dogs are also a good friend for our children, having a dog pal teaches our kids responsibility, kindness, and can help socialize an otherwise non-social child.

Another one of the benefits to owning a dog is, they will protect your kids, even a small dog will bark plenty at a stranger drawing a lot of attention, making it too risky to mess with the kid with the loud dog.

Heart Health

dogs and stress relief
Scrappy-Doo with his girlfriend Vero

They have done many studies that have shown that dog owners have a lower blood pressure than non-dog owners. Several studies have also shown that blood pressure goes down when a person pets a dog.

There is now evidence that one of the benefits to owning a dog, is lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels than non-dog owners. Still, unsure for the actual reason for these differences, only being sure that the differences weren’t explainable by (BMI)body mass index, diet, or smoking.

Reduce Stress

The Purina website,explains a study of people taking care of dogs showed remarkable drops in blood pressure and reactivity to stress. On days, they took their dogs to work their ambulatory blood pressure fell the lowest.

When we are around animals, our moods are altered and we are more joyous, calm, expressive, and communicative, says Aaron Katcher, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania.

Keep You Exercising

All dogs need at least 30 minutes minimal, bigger dogs should get at least an hour or more exercise daily. Your dog gets used to your schedule and part of your schedule is his/her daily walk.

I know I certainly can’t say no to my fur babies when they look at me with their puppy dog eyes and buts wiggling like they do when it’s our walk time. If it wasn’t for them there would surely be several days I would opt to stay on the couch instead of exercising.

Keeping you active is definitely another of the benefits to owning a dog.

Improve the State of Mind

Having a dog or a pet of any kind can be a wonderful source of companionship and motivation for their owners.

dog pal
Scrappy-Doo with his good pal Lori

A dog can give you a sense of security and they are there to share the routine of the day with making us feel less alone.

They make us feel as though we are needed giving us purpose, making us feel valuable. All very important for our state of mind.


Another one of the benefits to owning a dog is, they often help alleviate symptoms of Social Anxiety, making it easier to go out and socialize.

Our dogs give us a reason to get out of the house and interact with others, whether you go to the dog park or just for a walk around the neighborhood.

If you already have a fur baby then you are aware of the many conversations your pal has inspired and friendships that have been made through your pal.

Check out my post when to start socializing puppies and find out why socializing our puppies is an absolute must.

Dogs Ability To Sniff

Studies have now shown that our dog’s sense of smell can be beneficial in the medical world. A dog’s powerful nose can detect bacteria, viruses, and cancer in our body or bodily fluids.

Dogs are now being trained specifically to detect cancer markers in our blood, breath, and urine. Dogs that have gone through the training are being called medical detection dogs.

Safer Home

Scrappy, AKA Pack Boss and Fatboy

I can’t tell you how many people my dogs have kept from walking in too our yard, especially in the evening. Some friends that our dogs know won’t come in the yard at night because they are scared of our dogs on guard bark.

We have trusted dogs in protecting us and our homes for hundreds of years, making this one of the benefits to owning a dog one of the more obvious benefits.

Stronger Immune System

It seems studies are showing that the previous belief, that dogs germs are no good for us is false. The University of Arizona currently has a research team studying the link between bacteria found in dogs saliva and your health, for more on the study you can visit

It seems today’s cleanliness obsession has now left our bodies incapable of reacting as it should to bad bacteria,

Dogs are like a natural probiotic, boosting the immune system by helping you develop healthy bacteria that boost your immune system.

Stay Independent Longer

Another one of the benefits to owning a dog is they are excellent companions for the elderly for so many reasons. If you are living alone they make you feel less lonely.

dogs and elderly health
Scrappy-Doo loving on his grandma

Studies have shown that elderly with Alzheimer’s have fewer outbursts when a dog is in the home with them.

If you need a walker and cant carry things like bottled water your pal could easily help you and carry it for you.

Many More

The above-mentioned benefits are just a few of the benefits to owning a dog, there are so many more reasons, they can be trained to help epilepsy patients, they can help you recover from illness, they are the best friend anyone could have, children who have dogs have less sick days at school and more.

Reading the paper
Scrappy-Doo reading the paper with his dad

They are loyal and dedicated companions, that deserve the same from us. If you have a dog, love them as they love you and if you’re thinking about getting yourself a dog, please to the research and make sure you are ready to make such a commitment.

Pure breed, designer, or mutt, they all deserve to be loved and treated as though they are family and they will do all they can to protect their family in return.

Nothing makes you feel more loved than having your fur baby greet you with their happy faces and wiggly buts when you return home from the hustle and bustle of life.


This article is written and dedicated in loving memory of our fur baby

RIP fur baby
Scrappy-Doo with his mom

Scrappy-Doo. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without you at my side, for almost 12 years you didn’t leave my side there are no words to express what you meant to us or how much you are already missed.


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  1. It took a couple of days to get this post how I wanted and the morning it was going to get published, our Chihuahua, Scrappy-Doo didn’t wake up with us. After twelve years of being by my side, we had to say goodbye to our Baby-Doo.

    After saying goodbye to my Doo, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep, then I remembered this post and decided, it had to get edited and dedicated to Scrappy-Doo’s memory.
    That is how and why this post was dedicated in loving memory of Scrappy-Doo

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