Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

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Do you have a dog that follows you everywhere? I actually have two dogs that follow me everywhere. Do you get irritated with your dog following you everywhere? I don’t mind, my husband, on the other hand, gets very irritated sometimes.

One of our dogs Dolly follows me EVERYWHERE, she will even slam into the bathroom door if I manage to get it closed with her on the other side. Dolly definitely follows me 80% of the time.

Then there is my FattyBoy he follows me about 70% of the time if he is sleeping he won’t usually get up just to follow me where Miss Dolly does. Fatty does not like the bathroom either so he won’t follow me in there and  that’s a big plus,

Why does my dog follow me everywhere?  There are several different reasons I think, below are a few of what is believed to be the most common of them.


When your dog is feeling under the weather or sick they don’t understand why they are feeling strange and not like themselves.

Not knowing or understanding what is going on or why it is happening to them would cause anyone to be confused and scared so when your dog has these feelings they turn to you for help or comfort.

If you notice that your fur baby is clingy or extra clingy watch them closely and if you notice any other signs or symptoms that cause you to believe they are sick get in touch with your vet so they can help you help your pooch.

On a side note,

In either case, your best move is to get in touch with your vet as soon as you are aware there may be a problem.


They say curiosity killed the cat, lucky for your dog  they never mentioned curiosity doing anything to the dog

Your dog all dogs are naturally a curious creature, your dog may be following you or staring at you because he is curious about what you are doing and why you are doing it.

In other words, your dog may just be nosey and if you are their human you are their business.

Curiosity and her obsession with Fatty is Miss Dolly’s reason for following me everywhere. Dolly is all about Fatty she has been in his face since the day we brought her home.                                                                                      


One of the more apparent reasons your dog follows you everywhere is that your pooch prefers to be in your presence.

Our bond with domesticated dogs has evolved throughout the years. Humans and dogs have bonded in a lot of ways much like a child are bonded to their parents.

Bonding with owners is more important for dogs than any other domesticated pet.

Loyalty is mostly why I believe my fatty follows me everywhere, he has been at my side since his little eyes opened 4 years ago.


If your dog is one of the breeds from the workgroup then it’s in his genes. Many work breeds have been bred for hundreds of years to work closely with humans.

Your dog may just be doing what comes naturally to his breed because humans have purposely bred him to do so. Dogs from the workgroup have a higher likelihood of becoming what some call a velcro dog.

A velcro dog will stick to you like what else but velcro. Miss Dolly is definitely like velcro with FattyBoy


You may have trained your dog to follow you everywhere you go and maybe not realized that you were doing it. Do you talk happily to your dog when he follows you everywhere?

When you are being followed by your pal if you drop food for him to eat or pet and talk to them enthusiastically you are showing them positive reinforcement.

They will follow you expecting all these good things to happen because that’s what happened following you before. You used positive reinforcement realizing it or not to train your dog to follow you everywhere.


Of all the reasons your dog follows you, for your dog’s sake separation anxiety is the one reason you don’t want it to be.

If your dog seems as though he is frantic when not at your side or if he is showing destructive behavior when you are not with him then they may have some S.A. that needs to be dealt with before it gets out of control.

If you do feel your dog is following you because of separation anxiety talk to your vet before it gets worse and get your pal some help.

Keep in mind though that your dog following you everywhere when he can in itself does not mean that he has or is going to have S.A. issues.

Dogs have been at their human’s side for many many years, you know man’s best friend. How do you think he got the title?



Dog is man’s best friend and for good reason, nobody knows you better than your dog. Your dog studies you and your actions getting to know you so well that he knows what you are going to do before you do sometimes.,

Next time you get irritated and ask yourself why does my dog follow me everywhere try to remember that dogs have been following their human’s leed for thousands of years.

In most cases, your dog following you is nothing that you need to worry about or even address this is the behavior that has earned them their place beside us.

Try enjoying your dog’s company quit trying to ditch your four-legged shadow, don’t try to distance yourself from your dog out of fear of separation anxiety being a problem.

Your dog can sense you trying to distance yourself and that can cause him to feel anxiety. Instead, be consistent in your pal’s life your dog just needs to know when you do leave them its no big deal and you will always be back.

If you have a dog that follows you everywhere do you know why he follows you? We would love to hear your thoughts as to why your dog follows you and if it bothers you or if you don’t mind. tell us about it in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

    1. Hello David,
      Those are basically the same reasons Dolly follows me Fatty follows me because he is 100% a mama’s boy and very loyal, I love loyalty.
      having a dog is always having someone by your side and we could all use someone by our side.

      Thank you for checking out our website and I hope to see you again.

      Best Wishes

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